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Bring in your own food and alcohol.

We have everything you'll need to host a beautiful event.

    The Chateau at Forest Park is an event venue that is decorated with rustic elegance and a little bling. This venue is value priced and located near downtown Ft. Worth, across the river from Trinity Park. On the inside, the Chateau has lots of decorations that are already in place and you don't pay extra to have them. You may have your local restaurant, caterer, food truck, or family chef provide food. You can also bring in your own alcohol. We have lots of well lit parking spaces on a private parking lot, a huge dance floor, and lots of beautiful lights inside.

    We have everything you'll need to host a beautiful event.

    Wedding Reception

    Wedding Ceremony

    One beautiful room that is decorated and can accommodate up to 350 guests.

    Quinceanera Celebration

    Sweet Sixteen Party

    Our venue decor includes a special head and cake table decor, and you get lots of decorations.

    Private Party


    Business Event

    Fund Raiser

    We are DIY friendly. The products and services we offer can make hosting your event a breeze.


    Bring in your own food . Bring in your own alcohol . Decor included . Inclusive packages . Wait staff . Clean-up crew . Professional bar . Dance floor w stage

    The Chateau is one large room that's decorated with rustic elegance and a little bling.

    We have a professional oak dance floor and large accompanying bar.

    Included features are lots of beautiful uplighting and pretty fabric around the walls and ceiling.

    We also have lots of bling chandeliers and a beautifully decorated table of honor gazebo.

    You get lots of decor at no extra charge.

    Your decorating costs can be kept to a minimum.


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Chateau at Forest Park

1800 N. Forest Park Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX



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Lots of free parking.

Shown by appointment only.

Please call or email to schedule an appointment.

Head Table Background

Head Table Background

Curved Canopy Display

Curved Canopy Display

Photo Op Background

photo op background

table background

Glass Table Top

Glass Top Table

Glass Table Top

Fireplace Background

Fireplace Background

Or you can use your own decor.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting

Wheel Barrel Table

Wheel Barrel Table

Ceiling Fabric

Ceiling Fabric

Dance Floor Lights

Lights Over the Dance Floor

Suspended and Decorated Ladder

Suspended Ladder

Suspended and Decorated Baby Bed Springs

Suspended Baby Bed Springs