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What you need to know about the bar

Bar - Beer, Wine & Alcohol


3 of the basics

  1. You may bring in your own beer, wine, or alcohol.
  2. You will need to bring in your own mixers such as Coke, Sprite, lemons, limes, salt, etc. We do not stock any perishable items such as fruit, etc.
  3. All bar drinks must be served by our bartenders from behind the bar. Beer, wine, or alcohol cannot be set out on the guest tables because it voids our building insurance. At the end of the night, all that's left for you to do is to pack up all full or partial bottles & mixers you brought, and take them with you. The Chateau bartender will clean the bar, sweep, mop, and take out the trash.


Breaking it down


  • Many of our party hosts choose to purchase kegs of beer for their guests, as this is the most economical* way to host a bar. Get any of the Bar Package and the coolers, ice, cups, and napkins are provided. A nice benefit of using the packages is that you will not need to deal with ice, cups, how much to buy and what to do with any of the items that you don't use.
  • Serving your beer in bottles or cans is easy to do. We have galvanized tubs available to hold the ice and beer. We serve the bottles or cans from those tubs and keep everything iced down -- nice and cold.



  • Bring your favorite bottles or boxes of wine and we will gladly serve.



  • Bring in whatever alcohol you prefer, but remember that you must also provide the needed mixers and garnish. Any alcohol that guest may bring must also be stored and served from behind the bar


Frozen Drink Machine

  • We have a frozen drink machine that makes great frozen margaritas.
  • We will set up and fill the machine and serve your drinks until your mix runs out.
  • You supply the tequilla, margarita mix, limes, and salt.

When a bar is included in one of our packages, the ice, cups & beverage napkins are included.



The serving of alcohol by our bartenders is one of our few requirements and is not an option. This is due to our building insurance policy requirements.

  • One Bartender is the minimum number of bartenders that you'll need for a total of 6 hours per party.
  • A bartender's usual time breakdown is: 1 hour to set up, 4 hours of service, and 1 hour of cleanup = 6 total hours of bartending time.
  • The bartender has a corkscrew for wine and a bottle opener for beer.
  • One bartender can normally provide adequate service for up to 150-175 guests.
  • Bartenders are attentive, professional and TABC licensed.
    Bartenders are charged at the rate of $38.00 per hour.


Bar Package

Bartender, Margarita Machine, Cups & Ice. These bar items are in addition to everything listed in the Basic Event.

  • One bartender for up to 6 hours and one hour of setup and cleanup is included.
  • For your bar - disposable cups, ice, coolers and cocktail napkins included - We do not provide mixers, garnish, or anything that's perishable.
  • Double Headed Margarita Machine - two flavors are possible
    $4.15 per guest plus hall rental price for a guest count for under 175 guests *Number of guests equals a minimum of 80% of the total guest count. If no beverage station is ordered, the number of guests equals the guest count. This allows for children.
    $4.95 per guest plus hall rental price for a guest count for over 176 guests *1 additional bartender is needed
    Add 8.5% service charge for on-site management


Bar Glasses

We have a variety of bar glasses available for a nominal rental price.


Champagne Flutes

Champagne Flutes

Wine Glass

Beer Pilsner

Beer Pilsner

Collins / Tall Boy

Tall Boy

Rocks Glass

Rocks Glass

Martini Glass

Martini Glass

The Property

One Large Room

330 Guest Maximum

White Shiplap Walls

22' x 37' Dance Floor w Railing

Stage for DJ or Band

205 lighted Parking Spaces


Decor that is included at no additional cost

Venue is decorated with Rustic Elegance and a little Bling

Accent Lighting

Ceiling Fabric

Dance Floor Lights

Decorated Ladder Overhead

Decorated Baby Bed Springs

Lots of Chandeliers

Decorating Staff is available


Open Vendor Policy

Bring in your own alcohol

Bring in your own food



Guest Table Decor

Buffet Service



Bar Service





Wait Staff


Clean-up Crew


Kitchenette Access

Ice Machine


Food Warmer

2 Compt. Sink